Charleston Mix


Bloody Mary culture is pretty serious, so we got serious and played up the ownable, Southern heritage and craft nature of this award-wining brand. "Lowcountry" speaks to the ingredients, and "highfalutin" speaks to the craft, care and uniquely refined flavor profile. It's Southern charm with a bite, delivered in the nicest way, as only a Southerner can. No other Bloody Mary brand comes close to Charleston Mix and no other brand can tell their story this way. 

COPY: When it comes to bold, craft flavor, there's no comparison. Even Garden & Gun says so. They voted us the #1 Bloody Mary Mix. If it's good enough for Garden & Gun, it's surely good enough for you, hon.


COPY: Charleston Mix is crafted with all-natural habanero mash instead of horseradish, for a more refined heat only found in this neck of the woods. Or bottle, as the case may be.




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