Because doing good work for good causes feels good.


The 3% Movement hosts an annual Super Bowl Tweetup, encouraging the ad industry to call out sexist, tired tropes in the biggest commercials of the year. Since The Creative Circus produces future ad folks, it only made sense to invite students to critique Super Bowl spots before they enter the industry and create their own. So I recruited students Whitney Repole and Julia Ball to do a social and poster campaign designed to involve their peers in the first Creative Circus 3% Tweetup. It was super successful. 

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Join the conversation and Tweetup to change the game with #3percentsb on 2/4. #creativecircusreferees

Which advertisers will get it right? Tweetup on 2/4 with #3percentsb. #creativecircusreferees

Join the conversation and Tweetup to change the game with #3percentsb on 2/4. #creativecircusreferees

Which spots don’t rely on outdated gender roles? Weigh in and Tweetup with #3percentSB on 2/4. #creativecircusreferees

Women have purchasing power. Lots. Call out ads that are blatantly sexist with the #3percentSB Tweetup on 2/4.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted-up during Super Bowl 2018! Here's a recap of what you had to say about this year's spots.


In-school posters

Atlanta Regional Commission - WORKSOURCE GEORGIA

WorkSource Georgia is a truly life-changing program that not only matches people to open jobs throughout the state, but provides free career counseling, resume workshops, education and training for positions in a variety of industries, from film to nursing to project management. They also cover tuition, daycare, transportation and meals, as well as help accessing affordable healthcare while participants are enrolled in the program. Our task was to get the word out about Georgia’s best kept secret, turning something that sounds too good to be true into something truly too good to pass up.

We do more than just match people to jobs, we provide the means to get you there.
Starting with career counseling and resume workshops, we guide you to a position that suits you and provide money for job training certification or degrees. We even offer financial support for expenses related to your job search, like tuition, daycare, transportation and meals, as well as help accessing affordable health insurance. And it’s all at no cost to you.
Think of us as your secret to success.



This sticker was placed on toilet seats in public restrooms all around NYC. It got lots of press and attention, and AABA got lots of calls, positioning the organization as the leading resource for those dealing with eating disorders.


BehaviorAL Science Technologies

This meaningful project was twofold: First, brand the parent company, Behavioral Science Technologies (BST), a company founded by a Psychologist specializing in the epidemic of sexual violence against women. Then, brand their product, Real Consent, a sexual assault prevention program targeted to college and university administrators and students. Real Consent is featured by the CDC because of its gender-specific modules, alcohol use component, and evidence-based, high level of efficacy and prevention. 

I created the strategic platform and wrote the manifesto for both BST and Real Consent, which will launch later this year. 

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THE NATIONAL Center For Civil And Human Rights


The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a museum dedicated to the achievements of the civil rights movement in the U.S., as well as the broader human rights movement worldwide. The Center's award-winning architectural design, created by Philip Freelon and HOK, is full of symbolism and has been highlighted in international design publications. It's a world-class, premier destination in Atlanta featuring important exhibits, as well as ongoing cultural and educational events. It's a powerful and moving place to spend an afternoon or attend an event, and a must-see. If you haven't yet been, get your tickets and go ASAP.

They asked me to create a brochure featuring their events facilities, and the lines kind of wrote themselves. 


Delta has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation since 2005, and has helped raise over $11 million for the organization. Donations support vital research and awareness programs aimed at ending breast cancer. Delta's contributions fully fund research grants spanning six continents to achieve that goal. These e-mail blasts encouraged Delta customers to join the Sky Miles Club and have $25 donated to BCRF in their name, incentivized with a free extra month of Sky Miles Club membership. Engagement increased from the previous year, enabling Delta to make a bigger impact and help BCRF get closer to a cure.